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How do i?

2010-09-09 20:43:16 by Patheinecke

how do i find items under judgement here on newgrounds?

do i need to ask?

2010-09-09 13:45:11 by Patheinecke

if i want to use music in my game from here on new grounds do i need to ask of can i just use it and credit the creator of the song?

Just wondering

2010-09-09 00:16:31 by Patheinecke

i have made my first paltform game and put it here on new grounds my only problem is i dont know how to update it. can anyone help?

New To NewGrounds

2010-09-04 19:31:37 by Patheinecke

I Came to Newgrounds for one key reason to follow one of my favorite animators, Mick aka Rice Pirate here. i have created a few small flash projects and i may create some here on Newgrounds. but for now i am still figuring things out here, Patrick.